Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Uneventful Summer

Labour Day tends to signify the end of summer. I don't care if it doesn't technically end until the 21st, summer is over when the kiddies go back to school. As the title of this post states, my summer was pretty damn uneventful. I may even go as far as saying this summer was disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I loved my job and had tons of fun at work, but that's pretty much all I did.

I had all these things that I wanted to do, go to the Toronto Zoo, go to Canada's Wonderland, go to the beach, go to the drive in, start running, take more pictures, blog more. Some of these things didn't happen just because I'm lazy, I didn't blog much because I didn't do anything else, but others were lack of time off and having no one in my life with a normal job and time off at the same time. 

I suppose I did do a few things, went to Scenic Caves...with work, rode work, went to the Thornbury pier...with people from work, pool party...with people from work, went to a few movies, played soccer and Fan Expo. 

I just hate feeling disappointed. I suppose I still have time to go to the zoo or wonderland before they close, but somehow I doubt that will happen, unfortunately. 

Overall, uneventful summer filled with work, but unfortunately not full of saving money. Here's to hoping next summer will be better I guess. 


  1. I so get this. Of course, my uneventful summer was because of lack of employment and money but it was uneventful all the same.

  2. Problem is you had the time, I had the money lol