Saturday, 13 December 2014

More of Megpie's Oasis Adventures

I get to be in the parade! That's the most exciting thing I think that's happened over the past few weeks. Also, Guardians of the Galaxy is on our crew tv channel. I have glow party again tonight, and I hope I can remember the dance and actually take part this week. 
I've met several Canadians, most of which are just as excited about it as I am. The best one was meeting people who's sister in law is from Midland, and I actually know who she is. I've also had a few kids doing a scavenger hunt who needed a picture with a Canadian crew member. 
I've been able to get out onto the wave a few times this past week. I'm actually noticing improvement, which is awesome. Still wiping out quite a lot though, but it only *sometimes* results in water up my nose. We had training for flowrider lessons, I'm not very good at it at all, and they want us in lessons by next week. I don't think that's going to happen. 
I also got training for zip line launching this week. It's not hard, just a lot to remember, like what order to do things in, and it seems like a bit of a pain. I might like landing better, aside from it hurting my elbow. It's also fun on landing, because when it's slow you can watch things happening in the aqua theatre. It just gets really hot on the landing platform, launching has a bit of roof for shade. 
Update, I did manage to get on stage for the dance at Glow Party this week! There was not a lot of people at the party though. Which kind of sucks, because then you start wondering why you're even bothering. The next one will be the Christmas cruise so it should be packed. 
Speaking of Christmas, Bry (my roommate) pointed out yesterday that it was only 2 weeks until Christmas and the next time we were in Mexico, it would be Christmas. And then it would be our 2 months. Which is crazy to think about. Exciting, but crazy. I should hopefully get my Christmas package from home tomorrow. I thought I was going to get mail last Saturday but I didn't, which was kind of sad, so I really hope I get it tomorrow.
We have 4 staff members leaving tomorrow. 3 were planned, the end of their contract. The fourth has a family emergency. So unfortunately we're going to be down a member this week, and hopefully we get someone next week or Christmas will suck. Our new members are also 1 new hire and 2 new to the bigger class of ship  so they're going to need a lot of training. 
I don't really feel like I have much to report from the past few weeks. The only show I went to see was the aqua show again. That one's easy to go see because as long as we don't have doors after, there's always seats in the front row. The last one we went to the cast had entirely too much fun splashing us. We don't mind though, and guests think we're crazy. But it's actually a really good view.
I finally bought myself a pair of Ray Bans. Which I was super excited about. That's been my most expensive purchase so far. I also had to buy a new watch because apparently the flowrider likes to destroy watches. My old one is still kind of alive enough so it's going to be my flowrider watch, so I can hopefully keep this new one for longer. They have random sales on the Promenade for jewellery or watches, bags and sunglases and things like that, so I got 10% off my watch, plus our crew 20% discount which was nice. Bry got the best deal on her watch though, it was regularly $585, 75% + 20% off, under $150.

So far things are going alright. I miss real food. At least it's not boring, though sometimes the days feel really long. I think that's all I have for now. Stay tuned for more updates.

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