Saturday, 31 January 2015

Officially a Sports Staff!

I got my 90 day evaluation, good news they want to keep me. I managed to get into lessons before my 90 days were up, thankfully. I've only done a few, but they've gone alright. Having a 90 day eval means that I've been here for 3 months already, which is insane. Time has been so weird, like it feels like I've been here forever and some days go by so slow, but then at the same time it feels like I just got here and then it's the end of another week. I think if my math's right, I have 16 voyages left.
I'm trying to think of what I've done since I wrote my last blog post. We did mid line rescue training for the zip line. That was fun. And I actually mean that haha. Bry hated it, but despite dangling in the middle of the line she did really well. Everyone was kind of surprised at how well I did. I guess because I'm new? But it's similar equipment to what I've used before and I pay attention. I think I did my final rescue the second fastest (damn only 2nd lol).
I just realized I haven't written anything since the Christmas cruise, which was over a month ago (it's February tomorrow!). So let's see, the New Year's cruise was actually probably busier than Christmas. We got more commission from flowrider lessons as well. We had to blow up balloons for the balloon drop on the Royal Promenade. It was fun, had about 100 or so of us and took around an hour. I got to watch the acappella group Home Free on New Year's Eve, they were really good, and then partied with the sports team a bit before heading to the Promenade for the balloon drop. Unfortunately my camera died just before midnight, which I was super upset about.
I got a stuffed Dave the Minion from Bry for Christmas! Haha. I got her sriracha candy canes. I have also been ordering probably too much stuff online. But it's just so exciting having an American address and not having to pay a stupid amount in shipping and customs.  After I get my next package I probably won't be ordering anything for a while. 
I've finally officially been off in all 6 ports. Falmouth wasn't super exciting, especially since we only had like 2 hours to walk around. Did actually have a couple exciting port days in the past couple weeks though. We got to do a team building wave runner tour in Labadee. That was awesome of our supervisor to do that for us, it was kind of a thank you for our work over Christmas. It was fun, but I also felt mildly uncomfortable. Felt like I was going to fall off even though Bry wasn't going very fast, and even though they gave us the option to switch drivers I didn't want to. But at least we didn't fall off (2 guys did though).  
And then this past week in St Thomas the Quantum was docked at the other pier, and since I had most of the day off I managed to hook up with a couple people who had a friend on the ship and we went to visit. That was a fun day. We got to tour the ship, and then we ended up doing the ifly, which is the skydiving simulator. That was fun but uncomfortable as well. Super cool of them to let us do it.  Then we went to the Windjammer for lunch, which was delicious. They have fresh baked cookies which makes the whole place smell delicious. It has a different feel than the Oasis for sure, but it's a nice ship. I was in super tourist mode. Took so many pictures, and then my camera died. Luckily I had my phone with me so I used that for the rest of the afternoon.

Bry and I got asked to go ice skating to be in the background for something they were filming, so of course we said yes. We thought there'd be quite a few people there, but it was only the two of us and the guy that was talking, so that was kind of weird. But we got to go skating so it was fun.
Gone out a few times as well. Dinner, mostly to Sabor and Johnny Rockets...ok, only Sabor and Johnny Rockets.. And gone to a few shows. Didn't get to go to the ice show when we planned because it was super packed. But watched Come Fly With Me a few times. As well as the aqua show  I don't even know how many times. We watched from the front row and as usual got soaked. The cast was splashing more than usual, because they enjoy it way too much. We actually joked with them later that we weren't totally drenched and they had to try harder next time. This week we watched from by the rockwall because Bry had later doors and I really wish we could have been in the front row because the theatre was packed, even the second and third rows were filled and we would have gotten them drenched (because let's face it, we're horrible people lol).
We even went to the bar a few times! Lol. I still don't drink though. We had a sports girls night in one of the girls' cabin. Watched a movie and ate junk food. It was fun.  Bry and I also convinced Wesley to do Harry Potter trivia with us, because we can't ever get to the guest one. So he added even more questions, ended up being 90,and I only got 79 right :( upset about that actually lol. I beat Bry though :) haha.
Other things I've done; parade and getting slightly better at figuring out what I'm supposed to do, Glow Party still working on getting my dance right, spot lighting for the ice show which was kind of fun even if I was a little spastic, did a lesson with all Canadians which was awesome, and got chocolate from a guest which was also awesome.
I think that's about the extent of what I've done. I'm super excited because in 3 weeks my mom and my sister are coming to visit!  So my next post might not be until after that (because let's face it I'm a bit of a slacker haha). Anyways, stay tuned for that!

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