Thursday, 16 May 2013

TV Season Finale Time

It's that time of year when all the shows are ending. If you're lucky, your shows are renewed for another season, but many shows aren't quite so lucky. Thankfully all my shows are returning.
So far this week I've had 4 season finales, there's one more tonight and then my final one next Monday.
Castle finished on Monday and it kind of leaves you with a cliff hanger right in the middle of a conversation. You have no idea what Beckett is going to do. Now I'm trying to talk about these without giving anything away to people who might still have to watch them, so forgive me if I'm super vague.
NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles finished on Tuesday. NCIS wasn't all that much of a cliff hanger, and it mostly just made me confused. I have no idea what's happening. Granted I do watch a lot of similar shows so half the time I actually have no idea what storyline I'm following. Sad, I know. NCIS: LA was the worst ending. It was actually a "to be continued" and I just about lost my shit, pardon my language, at the end. Essentially one of the team members is being tortured and you have no idea what's going to happen. I was actually trying to cheat to see if they were signed on for next year just so I'd know they were ok.
Chicago Fire was Wednesday, and it pretty much wrapped itself up nicely. No major issues happen right at the end. Which was good, because I don't think I could have handled it after what else happened in the last 2 episodes.
I have Elementary to watch tonight, it's a 2 hour finale so it should be exciting. I know what a lot of people say about Elementary and how much they hate on it, and frankly it pisses me off. I think it's an interesting take on Sherlock and Watson and I enjoy the show.
Hawaii Five-0 is finishing up it's season on Monday. I have to say, I hope they wrap up the Wo Fat storyline. I feel like it's dragged way too long now.
Hopefully I'll be able to (or remember to) come back and update on the finales of the last 2 shows.
After next week I don't know what I'm going to watch. There's not many shows on in the summer. I thought about maybe trying to find the first seasons of Rookie Blue somewhere and watching that before the season starts. I sort of got into it I think the first year but then stopped watching.
Do you have any summer TV show recommendations?

I watched the 2 hour season finale of Elementary on Thursday and I have to say, it was a pretty good episode. Definitely a few twists and turns but it was enjoyable. And fortunately it wrapped up pretty nicely with them catching Moriarty so no stressful cliff hangers there.
While watching Elementary there were commercials for the finale of Hawaii Five-0 and I just about lost it when I saw it. "Will this team of 4...become 3?" or some such thing. None of them could die! I would be super upset. So starting to watch it on Monday night I wondered if perhaps maybe they weren't going to die but someone was just going to leave for a little while. Thankfully I was right. Won't tell you who goes, or why, to leave a little bit of mystery there. I was really hoping Steve's mom and Wo Fat story lines were going to end, but it appears that they're just building. Mama McGarrett has a secret that we don't get to find out before the end of the episode, and when Steve's visiting Wo Fat in prison at the end you hear shots fired in the hallway (where there is a massive amount of armed like SWAT guards) and then you see that someone is trying to cut through the steel door. And then scene. So that one had a bit of a cliff hanger because well, Steve could die because he has no gun.
Lastly, apparently I was mistaken and last week's Chicago Fire was not the finale, I saw a commercial for the finale last night while watching Five-0. So, one more stressful night on Wednesday and then a final update on that one.
Watched the Chicago Fire finale last night, and I was not happy with the ending. They get called to a prison fire, the power goes out, one of the guys gets held hostage, but Casey is conniving and they get out. Shay is still trying to get pregnant. Herman's wife has their baby and asks Shay and Kelly to be his god parents, which I thought was pretty cute. You see Peter Mills go into the police academy and ask for an application form (meaning he's probably going to be moving over to Chicago PD which is apparently starting next season). And at the end Kelly's ex girlfriend comes back and drops a major bombshell on him that makes me angry.
Now I believe that's my last finale and update to do. Hope you enjoyed all your season finales.


  1. We could start watching the Amazing Race Canada "together"! lol No? Not interested? Ah well. It's actually looking like we're going to be getting rid of our cable so it's online viewing and DVDs for me, most likely.

    1. Haha, yeah I probably won't be watching Amazing Race. I wanted to watch Rookie Blue, but since it's Thursday and I plan on playing soccer it probably won't happen. And boo no cable. If you wanna borrow some movies then, let me know :)