Friday, 28 June 2013

Segway Adventure

I work at Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood, and this week was Staff Appreciation week. We got a little punch pass thing and got to try out different attractions on the resort for free. Some of the things included were the ropes courses (where I work), the gondola (works kind of like a ski lift, you're in a little box kind of thing and go up or down the mountain haha), extra % off something at one of the stores in the village, free drink at Starbucks, and the Segways.

Segways were the one thing I think pretty much everyone wanted to try. 1, because they're awesome and 2, because they're kind of expensive to do any other time. In case you are wondering what a Segway is, here is a picture of me riding one.

I kind of look like a huge dork, but it's kind of hard not to riding one. A work friend and I made an afternoon of it this past Monday and had so much fun on the Segway tour.

They're sort of hard to control, you have to use your body weight and balance to go forward or back and the front stick thing to turn. They also use a lot more muscle than you think. My feet were super sore when I got home and my legs were pretty tense the next day. And if you hit anything that's more than like half the height of the wheels, you will stop and fall off. There was a guy on our tour who did indeed fall. He was one of the 2 of 8 that were not staff (4 of those staff were from ropes :) haha) and he was also kind of arrogant and thought he was awesome. We will not say we wanted to laugh when he fell...

I really want to do this again, we didn't get the whole trail tour because said gentleman who fell off couldn't handle the trails which kind of sucks. I think we get 50% off as staff, which makes it a bit more reasonable, so we'll see if I get another chance.

If you ever happen to be at Blue Mountain I definitely recommend checking out the Segway tour. Also the Timber Challenge ropes course :) it's super fun.

Hope you enjoy the long weekend, and as always, stay tuned for more misadventures.

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