Monday, 3 June 2013

Nail Polishing Trials and Triumphs

I have a fairly large-ish collection of nail polish. I always feel so lame because I have so many and yet I only ever use one colour at a time. So I found a cute design on Pinterest, and decided to give it a try.
Website is here, in French
I just went off this picture. Mostly because the website is in French, partly because I thought I could figure it out on my own. I discovered that I need better tape. I was trying to use painters tape and cutting it into tiny strips. (On a side note, part of the "trials" was me smashing the top of my head off the underside of the crawl space getting said tape. Ow).

So after cutting my tape into tiny strips, I stuck them on and started painting. You're supposed to take the tape right off after you paint it, except the colour I was using was too light so I had to do 2 coats. So it didn't peel too fantastically. I also didn't have little enough pieces of tape, so the lines looked funny.

I decided to just remove it all and then start over. This time using the lighter colour first. It worked a little better.


This was my final result. Not perfect, but hey, it was my first attempt at anything remotely difficult on my nails.

I should have made the light purple bits bigger and I need some striping tape. No idea where I can get it, but apparently that's what people use for painting nails.

I then learned the hard way that white nail polish at work=bad. It turned all brownish and gross and the tips starting wearing down. Anyone have any tips on how to get the tips to not wear as much? I feel like a day after I paint it and I use my hands the colour disappears.

Now that I've (sort of) succeeded with this, I might try another design soon.

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