Monday, 1 July 2013

Oh Canada

Happy Canada Day! I unfortunately had to work today (the joys of being in hospitality) but hopefully you had a lovely day off work.

It's one of my co workers birthdays today (Happy Birthday Alexis!) so that in combination with the holiday meant cupcakes at work!


I had some issues icing them because it turns out, red and white try and make pink haha. Everyone seemed to enjoy them. I made the mistake of showing them to Alexis when I got there this morning and she wouldn't shut up about them for about an hour until she finally begged me to have one.

I was super festive and painted my nails like a Canadian flag. Kind of excited about how well they turned out, especially on my right hand.

So it appears the quality of these pictures is kind of crappy, apologies. But I even had some random lady tell me she liked my nails, so that was nice.

I was supposed to go to the fireworks at the mountain tonight with another friend from work but she bailed on me, sad, so I may be hanging out with Alexis and some other people for her birthday. We shall see.

Happy Canada Day, and stay tuned for more misadventures!

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