Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions and a Look Back at 2013

Alright so the first part of that title might be a lie. I've decided like for the past few years, I'm not going to make resolutions. I always say I will and then never follow through. Or I make them and fail miserably. I could say I'm going to do lots of things this year; read more, work out more (ok, at all), blog more, be a better friend/girlfriend/sister/daughter, eat less crap, keep my house clean, take more pictures, travel, just all around do more, figure out what the eff I'm going to do with my life. I'm just too pathetic and lazy to actually follow through. And I hate it but it s true.
So I figure if I don't make resolutions, I can't fail.
So now onto the second part of the title. Looking back on 2013. I felt like it was uneventful. And I honestly can't even remember what all I did. And sadly I just went on Facebook to see if looking at pictures would remind me, and I have not put many photos up. Ok let's see,

Not a whole heck of a lot happened. I was unemployed. Which sucked. Took pictures for Josh at his wrestling shows. 
Still unemployed. Still sucked. From what I can recall, nothing super exciting happened. 
I made banana cream pie for the first time for Josh's birthday. Went to a cruise ship workshop. That has gotten me no closer to a decision. Also took a photography course. Which has not gotten me any better at taking pictures. 
I turned 23. Super exciting... Started this blog. That seems to be going nowhere. Started ropes job (again). 
I moved to Collingwood. 
Rode a Segway. Pool party with people from work. 
Got a freaking flat tire. Apparently my July was not eventful at all.
I went to fan expo. That was an adventure. My soccer team also won the championship. 
Created 2 cupcake bouquets. Went to BP (shocker) for Amberella's birthday. Went to the Great Northern Exhibition (Collingwood fall fair) with some girls from work. 
Run for the cure! I raised $450 and ran almost the whole 5km run. 
I started a new job (post on that to hopefully follow eventually). Went to Toronto for my sister's event and my uncles's soccer game. My first unofficially official photography gig haha. 
This was frickin last month and I don't even remember what I did. I got an iPad. Not exactly newsworthy. Oh, went to St. Catharines to visit my sister. And Christmas. Obviously. 

Took a lot of pictures, but really not as many as I should have. Baked a crap ton of cupcakes this year. I'd hazard a guess at at least 12 batches. Hiked the mountain once a week all summer. 
So that's last year in a nutshell (what I can remember at least). How's your reflection on last year? Do you have any resolutions for 2014?

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