Friday, 31 January 2014

Pinterest Experiment: Candy Sleighs

To be honest, I'm cheating a little bit for this post. I made these candy sleighs back in December, but since I doubt I'll be making anything before month end and they're cute, I decided what the hell.
I will start with a little background on why I was making these sleighs. Last year around Christmas time my mom decided to do a secret Santa thing for her and her two coworkers in her office. So for the week she'd bring in little treats each day. Candy, hot chocolate, cupcakes (mostly thought of and prepared by me). Just little things to make the week leading up to Christmas a little more festive. This week was affectionately named "Chrismukkah" by one of her coworkers. This Christmas however, there were 5 of them in the office and my mom thought that would get too expensive for her to come up with presents for everyone each day. Much to her coworkers dismay ("no Chrismukkah???":( haha). Then they had the brilliant idea of having everyone be assigned one day of Chrismukkah. They were given a limit of about $2 per person but other than that they had no restrictions. My mom's day was the last one, and as soon as she told me about this, I knew we had to make these sleighs.
So, initial pin I found was this one.

Aren't they cute? The link in the pin goes nowhere. Literally just pulls up a bigger version of the picture in another screen. But the picture basically tells you everything you need to know anyways.
Kit Kats seem to be the perfect size for the base of the sleigh. Hot glue the candy cane "runners" to the bottom of the Kit Kat. I found it easiest to put the Kit Kat upside down on the edge of the table with the "hook" end of the candy cane hanging over the edge. Makes it easier to balance everything when you only have 2 hands and no one to help (ok, I could've asked but my mother probably would've just gotten in my way haha).
Then we got thin, mint chocolate bars and ran 3 length wise across the Kit Kat. I just dabbed 3 little dots of glue down the bar and stuck in on. On top of that there were 3 of the Hershey's miniatures bars (dark, milk and crackle) one on top of two on top of the mint bars.

Tadaaaa! Hmm, seems like something's missing. I know! Let's add some ribbon and a sleigh driver! We were going to find little Santa Clauses but we couldn't find any that seemed to fit. And then I found little Lindor bears!
Final product. If I had known we were going to have a little driver I would have put the chocolate bars closer to the back of the sleigh to give him a little more room to sit up. We had to lay him down because there wasn't enough space. Other than that though I think they turned out pretty well. My mom's coworkers seemed to like them :) though I think they may have just been happy it was chocolate lol. We managed to spend around $10 for all 5 I believe. I forget the exact total. But I even got some candy out of it :). That's what I get for being a helpful elf.
So hopefully this gave you an idea for something you could do for Christmas next year. And stay tuned for my Pinterest attempt next month. I'm not going to say what it is yet, mostly because I'm not totally sure at this point.
Happy crafting!

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