Monday, 24 February 2014

Pinterest Experiment: Basket of Sunshine

While trying to decide what to do for my pinterest experiment this month, I came across a pin of a basket that was all orange. This made me think of the Box of Sunshine that I had pinned many months ago (probably one of the first things I pinned after joining). My sister has been rather down lately, being unemployed and not having much to do, so I decided that I wanted to make this for her.
This is the original pin
 The original one said box of sunshine, but since I’m so fabulous at making baskets (hahaha) I decided that’s what I was going to do. I was a little concerned when Kaley originally told me she wasn’t going to be visiting for the Family Day weekend, because I didn’t know when I would see her! Luckily she did end up coming to visit so she got her basket.
It’s really pretty simple to make. You just need a bunch of yellow things and something to put them in. I want to say how much I spent to give you a rough idea but my sister reads this so, Kaley don’t read this next part haha.
It cost about $30, but you can definitely make it more or less expensive depending on what you buy.
I’ll give you a list of some of the things I put in the basket: golden oreos, wet wipes, travel Kleenex, nail polish, ring pops, star burst, carrot cake m&ms, note pad, giant clothespin, golden teddy grahams, peeps, chocolate bars, juicy fruit, soap, note book. I think that’s it. I mostly got things from dollar stores, they’re really good for cheap candy, as well as Walmart and the grocery store.
After I got everything assembled, I grabbed a basket to put everything in. I just guessed a size that might fit everything, you can always buy the basket first and get things to fill it up. I wanted to get a yellow basket but my choices were limited so I got blue. My mother was a smart ass and told me the basket was not yellow, and I was a smart ass right back and said it was the sky. I put some yellow tissue paper in the bottom and I had some clear cellophane from a previous basket I had made and wrapped it up. Added a gold ribbon and a little tag and it was all done.
You can make it a basket of just a certain colour and not call it a basket of sunshine, or their basket of sunshine could just be a bunch of their favourite things.
It’s just something little to do to brighten someone’s day.
Stay tuned for my pinterest creation next month.

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