Monday, 31 March 2014

Happy Birthday to Josh!

Today is my boyfriend Josh's 24th birthday! So everyone wish him a happy birthday! Haha.

I'm not going to write a disgustingly mushy post about him because he would probably hate it. So instead I'm going to tell you about his birthday cake. Each year since we've been dating (just over 3 years, 4 birthdays) I've made him what I consider to be a "special" cake. It's special because it's not just a plain cake with "Happy Birthday" written on it.

For his 21st birthday, he got a black forest cheesecake. He told me his favourite kinds of cakes were black forest and cheesecake. So in the process of looking for a cheesecake recipe, I found black forest cheesecake and that seemed like the obvious answer. Never again am I making a cheesecake. Cream cheese grosses me out.

For his 22nd birthday, I just made an ordinary cake, I believe it was confetti mix, but I decorated it like Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. He really likes Jack and the movie. I was quite proud of that cake.

 23rd birthday was banana cream pie. He likes them and I thought I'd try something different. I'm not big on pie but it wasn't bad. He also got half a cake. Since Easter was on his birthday, for his family's Easter dinner I made a cake that was half "Happy Easter" and half "Happy Birthday Josh". Icing both halves of the cake different colours was kind of difficult but didn't turn out too badly.

This year I found (on Pinterest, obviously - I'm also cheating and this is also my Pinterest experiment post for March) a Supernatural cake. He likes the show, I recently got into the show, and I thought the cake was kind of cool. Mine wasn't quite as detailed as the original but whatever.
I tried 2 new icing recipes for this cake, a fudgy chocolate one for the outside and peanut butter for the inside. I decided on peanut butter since Josh is always bugging me for peanut butter cookies, and he loves Reese's.

You can find the fudge recipe here and the peanut butter recipe here. The original post for the fudge one has the icing on cupcakes, which is probably a much better idea than trying to put it on a cake. It's really thick and starts to kind of harden and it's hard to make it look nice and flat.

Then I made my regular buttercream recipe (so yummy) and drew the devil's trap on the top. Fun fact: I was drawing a devil's trap on a devil's food cake. I cracked up when I realized that. You want a fairly large icing tip, I used Wilton round #10, for the star and border (I actually had to go out and buy one since I didn't have the right size) and a slightly smaller one for the symbols, for that I used round #4. I wanted to write different lines from the show all around the outside of the cake, but since I was running out of time I only managed to put a few on. "Bitch" "Idjit" "Jerk" "Love my pie" and of course, "HEY, ASSBUTT!" You need to watch the show to understand why I wrote those.
It's not perfect, but it's edible

The cake went over fairly well. He liked the design and I think really liked the peanut butter filling. I found it a little too sweet (which is saying something), I couldn't even finish my piece.

So, happy 24th birthday babe, hope it was a good one :)

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