Friday, 30 August 2013

Fan Expo 2013

This past Saturday my friend Amber and I got to go to Fan Expo in Toronto. It's basically a small scale version of Comic-con. As soon as we heard Nathan Fillion was going to be there we knew we had to go. Unfortunately we didn't actually get to meet him because we learned after the fact that autographs and photo ops are stupid expensive.

We left Midland at 7am, and I managed to make it to Yorkdale without any meltdowns or getting lost. Which is kind of a big deal for me, I hate Toronto traffic. We then got on the subway, we were a little worried we might end up on the wrong one, but no mishaps there either. I felt like a little kid going on a field trip. After we got to Union station, we got above ground and didn't really know where we were going. We then realized; just follow the costumes. We followed a rather scantily clad Joker until we saw the giant lineups of even more costumed expo goers.

We got in the line up, behind a totally adorable little Tenth Doctor. I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of him, he was that cute. We mostly people watched while standing in line, checking out all the people in costumes. Finally we got inside the building, only to join another line up to get into the actual expo.

We looked around at some of the things for sale, bought a few things, and then wandered over to where the celebs were signing autographs. We were then stopped before we could cross an aisle, and about 7 or 8 people walked past is, most of them looked like body guard types, and we realized that they were guarding Norman Reedus from Walking Dead. Then we realized that he kind of looks like a giant tool. 

When we finally got to pass the aisle, WE GOT TO SEE NATHAN FILLION!!  Haha. Unfortunately we couldn't take a picture of him because there was some angry fan expo guy yelling at everyone who took out their cameras. That was about as close as we got to him, which is kind of sad, but nothing we could really do about it. 

We wandered around a little bit more, then we made our way to the second part of the building. That part of the building was more things to buy. There was an artists alley where there were a bunch of artists at booths selling pictures, drawings, jewellery, sculptures, all kinds of stuff. This is where I think we spent the most money. We actually got to buy a drawing from someone we went to high school with, so that was pretty cool. 

I didn't take too many pictures, which is kind of disappointing but there wasn't a whole lot I wanted to take pictures of, and I didn't really feel like asking people in costumes to take their pictures. We also didn't spend too long at the expo, saw pretty much all we wanted to see and were getting kind of tired. We saw a few storm troopers walking around and I said that I just really wanted to see a line of them marching down a hallway, and before we left we actually saw a group of them marching down a hallway, it was kind of awesome. 

All in all it was a pretty decent day. Would love to go back again, but next year it's on labour day long weekend so I likely won't be able to. 


  1. That was an amazingly brilliant idea to follow the costumes. Well done! I'm sorry it wasn't as super duper freaking awesome as you'd hoped!

  2. It was just super duper freaking expensive. And there were no q&a's or anything that we wanted to go to on the Saturday.