Monday, 5 August 2013

August Movie Disappointment

Normally about this time I would be writing a post about all the movies I want to see coming up in the next month. August is a disappointment. There are no movies coming out in theatres that I really want to see.

I *may* end up seeing Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters but that will only really be because my boyfriend wants to go see it. I wasn't super in love with the first movie (and to be honest haven't had an interest in reading the books), but the mythical creatures are kind of cool. Nathan Fillion is also in the movie which is incentive for me to go.

In DVD releases, there is Olympus Has Fallen on August 13. If you are interested in my thoughts on the movie, my review is here. I likely won't be buying this right after its release, but I definitely wouldn't mind watching it again.

Two of my favourite TV shows are coming out on DVD in August. NCIS (Season 10) and NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 4) are both being released on August 20. Elementary is releasing it's first season August 27.

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