Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Huronia Soccer Club 2013 Champions!

This past Saturday I competed in the final tournament for my soccer league. I've been playing soccer (all the way home in Midland) every Thursday since around the end of May and our season has just come to an end.

I used to love soccer, played all the way from grade 6 to 12 in school and 9 to 12 in a summer league. Then after I graduated high school and moved away to college, I never really got an opportunity to play again. I decided that this year, no matter what, I was playing soccer. 

Looking back I do wish I had managed to join a league in Collingwood instead of Midland, just because I wouldn't have been so stressed about my work schedule conflicting with my games. But hindsight is 20/20, so nothing I can do about that now. 

We had a pretty good team all season, though we didn't always have a full team. Somehow I think we managed to have the smallest team to start with, plus the most players who didn't show up. Regardless of that, we still managed to win almost all our regular season games. Not that they even counted. 

The last Thursday we played was the start of the tournament, and we actually had one sub! We won the game, which wasn't exactly surprising because I'm not sure the team we played won any games all season. Our first game on Saturday we played really well, until the other team started to dig at our team. It threw all of us off and we ended up losing. We needed to win our next game or we were out of the finals. 

We played great, and ended up scoring with about 10 minutes left to win the game. So we were off to the finals to play against the team we had already lost against. We knew we were the better team, and we played like it. We were down one goal with less than five minutes to go, when we made a spectacular play and tied the game. No overtime, just straight to the shoot out. We had a phenomenal goalie, and some pretty great kickers so we knew we could pull it off. And we did.

Me and our trophy
We didn't get anything exciting for winning other than the trophy. Which I believe may be going to the office of our sponsor, who also happened to be a player on our team. We did get t-shirts though, which say play off champions on the back, so that's kind of fun.

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