Friday, 26 April 2013

Disneybound Success

In case you don't know what Disneybounding is, it's essntially dressing up as Disney characters without being in a costume. There's a website here that creates a bunch of different outfits.
I've been wanting to try Disneybounding for a while but well, for one thought I'd look ridiculous, but also I wasn't entirely sure what I'd wear or who I'd be.
Enter my birthday dinner. My lovely BFF Amberella and I always go out for birthday and Christmas dinners to Boston Pizza, and we always dress up. I had this pretty blue dress that I had yet to wear, and I just bought some sparkly silver shoes, so I decided I would be Periwinkle, from the Tinkerbell movie. (Shame on me, I still haven't watched this movie...and I got it for Christmas...)

Periwinkle Disneybound
It's not the best Disneybound ever, but for my first try it's not too bad. I could also technically be Cinderella or the blue fairy. But I like Tinkerbell movies the best (and note the teeny tiny fairy earrings...also a Christmas present haha).
I've decided I need a pair of bright yellow shoes, then I can be Mickey Mouse :)
We had an enjoyable dinner, I ate too much as usual but it was delicious. And I got my free dessert. And my presents just prove that Amberella knows me too well, one of which included Merida's bow from Brave :)

That's all from my latest misadventure. See you soon! 

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