Sunday, 21 April 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

It's my birthday next week so my sister came up this weekend to celebrate. Basically that just means eat Chinese food and cake.
Normally for birthdays I'll make and decorate the cakes, but I don't want to have to make my own cake, so I usually opt for ice cream cake. Because let's face it, ice cream cake is delicious. Past years I've gotten Tinkerbell cakes from the Dairy Queen, because I knew they had them, I liked them and it was just easier. This year I went online to order it and learned they had Tangled cakes and Brave cakes. Then I was torn. Final decision was the Brave cake.
My awesome birthday cake
Other than that, my mom gave me my presents that I had already bought (she felt it was easier to just have me get them and then pay me back) and my sister gave me an awesome wrap bracelet.
Yay Harry Potter :)
I'm hoping the weather warms up this week so that I can give my car a makeover with the new accessories I got. Maybe if I'm feeling ambitious it might even get cleaned haha.

And in non birthday related news, I found a place to live this summer so I don't have to drive an hour to work everyday. Yay! Good news. That means I might actually have a life and not be cranky all the time.

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