Sunday, 14 April 2013

Starting Something New

Hi there! *waves excitedly*

Welcome to The Many Misadventures of Megpie.

I'm Megan. I actually can't tell you where that nickname came from. Someone starting calling me Megpie in high school and it just sort of stuck.

I'm going to start this blog off by telling you some fun facts about myself.

1. I don't actually know what this blog is going to be about.
Things I do, things I watch, things I read. Random thoughts and adventures I suppose.

2. I'm kind of a bit of a nerd.
Or geek. I'm not really sure what the proper terminology is. I like kind of nerdy things. Books, Harry Potter, superheroes, random tv shows that other people think are weird (Firefly and Sherlock are two examples).

3. I sometimes have the mentality of a 10 year old.
Ok, that's being generous. More like a 5 year old. I like Disney (and most other cartoons) and will giggle like a small child when I see certain things (Agnes and the minions from Despicable Me, Boo from Monsters Inc, and the brother bears from Brave to name a few). Small things amuse me.

4. I have 2 college diplomas.
Tourism & Travel and Recreation & Leisure. Haven't really gotten me too far in life yet...

5. I like alphabetizing and sorting things.
Goes back to me being a nerd I guess. My movies and books are all alphabetized. I even did my boyfriend's movies (he made fun of me but secretly he likes it haha).

6. I only have one sister.
Her name is Kaley. She has a blog too. It is here. Go say hi!

7. I like the colour red.
I have since I was a baby. It makes me happy.

8. My favourite animals are monkeys and hippos.
I'm not really sure why, as they're really the cutest of creatures. But I love the stuffed versions. :)

9. I am an aspiring photographer.
Hah. That just means I have a fancy camera and like to take pictures that I never think are any good.

10. I want to travel.
So far I've been to B.C., on a cruise to the Bahamas and to Universal Orlando. I want to go to the UK, Hawaii and Disneyworld. Lately I've also been really wanted to go to NYC.

10.2 I collect postcards.
I have 234 at this point. Not all are from places I've been. In fact, most are from other people. Right now they're in 2 big photo albums, but someday I want them displayed on my wall like wallpaper.

So that's basically me in a nutshell.

Hope you'll follow me on my many misadventures!

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